Top 10 Possible Causes Of Water Damage in your kitchen


Water is a good liquid for all work, but it is used for cooking and cleaning if you talk about the kitchen. But, if this water goes into the wrong area in the kitchen itself, it can lead to dangerous water damage. That’s why homeowners must prevent water damage, whether small or big, due to its various causes.

Apart from that, the water damage in the kitchen can do extensive damage to the home. So, the key to preventing this type of damage is preventative maintenance. Some areas where you need to keep a keen eye are the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and built-in ice maker.

Moreover, there are a number of functional and often utilized areas in the kitchen which can offer time to water for water damage. They are if water spills from the glass, soups which are simmering on the stove cab also splash, etc. If these small things are left unchecked, any liquid can come in contact with the surface, leading to water damage.

In addition to that, electrical appliances can also cause water damage in the kitchen. For example, kitchen sink faucets are leaking, the refrigerator might spring a leak, or a dishwasher can malfunction which can cause a leak. However, there are a number of reasons that can cause water damage in the kitchen. So, if you want to know those reasons, read this post until the end, as through this, we will tell you the top 10 possible causes of water damage in your kitchen.

  1. Garbage disposal easily floods cabinets.

Most of the disposal leaks in the kitchen are easily fixed with the help of DIY, but if this appliance stops working, it can flood the kitchen cabinets. This is due to the body of the unit, which gets old because of which it springs a leak in the bottom housing and floods the cabinets.

However, the worst part is this water is a mixture of dirty food, garbage, and water. In this case, the last option is to replace the disposal, for which you have to call a professional water damage restoration service.

  • Dishwasher

Like garbage disposal, the dishwasher is another essential feature of today’s kitchen. In the kitchen, you must ensure it must work properly and should not leak; otherwise, the water will spill out from the door or absorb underneath.

However, if the water comes from the door, it can be due to small wear and tear in which appliance age can be the factor. If the leak is underneath, it can be due to a crack in hoses, gasket failure, and loose connections from the water source or drain pipes.

In this case, it is best to call a water damage specialist to handle the issue of flooding.

  • AC soaks the ceiling.

AC indeed pulls the humidity out of the air that you receive in your home and also condenses moisture in the unit overflow pan in order to make water travel outside the condensate line. But if by chance the pan is damaged or any of the lines is clogged, the drainage system stops working, resulting in soggy insulation and soaked ceilings.

  • The sump pump stops working.

If your sump pump stops working due to heavy rain or the appliance stops working, the water enters the basement. This problem can prove to be disastrous. That means if water enters the basement area, the problem of water damage will surely occur, which can result in the growth of mold and mildew.

In this case, it is best to call a water damage professional to handle the issue of flooding.

  • Sewer lines back up

If your home or kitchen has this problem, don’t try to handle this issue yourself with the help of a DIY job. The problem of backed-up sewer lines is blockages or heavy rainfall, which can easily spread hazardous contaminants, causing an unhealthy environment. So, the problem of sewage back must be handled with due care via a professional water damage company.

The reason is quite clear, that is they are highly experienced and skilled people who very well know what should be done to prevent further damage.

  • Water cooler

Most homes these days have a water cooler in their kitchen which is a luxury. Because of this reason, it should be checked regularly to prevent any water damage. The leaks in the water cooler can occur when

Any of the spouts become loose or get cracks. Due to crack, the water will trickle onto the floor and water seepage.

  • Freezing temperature burst pipes

This is another water damage emergency that erupts in the winter season. So, if you are living in an area where most of the time, the temperature is low, then you have to be prepared for this problem. The issue bursting pipe can freeze and rupture at any time, and water will soak in the house starting from ceiling to basement.

According to experts, check and insulate your plumbing system before the winter begins.

  • Sink and faucet

The kitchen sink is one of the most utilized areas where the risk of water damage is also high. That’s experts recommended going for basic maintenance. Apart from that, if you talk about sink faucets, they can also leak as with the time various parts like washers, o-rings, and gaskets can worn out.

  • The water heater started leaking.

These days it is one of the essential electrical appliances installed either in the basement or in the bathrooms. With the time or due to poor maintenance, it can also be worn out, which can make clean-up even more challenging.

However, sometimes the problem of water heater leakage is due to condensation, but in many cases, it is due to a faulty water outlet or drain valve.

Moreover, if the unit becomes old, then the leakage problem develops in the bottom of the tank and floods the entire basement.

  1. The toilet runs and drips.

When the toilet is constantly running, it is undoubtedly very annoying and expensive. Especially when it offers a bad leak that easily ruins floors and walls, to fix this problem, you have to call a professional plumber who will first figure out why the leak has become a water hazard. Once the issue is found, they will repair the problem at an affordable price as it is simple.

The Bottom Line

The problem of water damageis very common, especially in the USA. So, if you want to get rid of this problem, keep a keen eye on various small things regularly so that the problem will not become big. However, the above ten possible causes of water damage are most common, which most people ignore or leave unchecked.

Moreover, make sure you always call a professional technician to deal with the issue; otherwise, the issue will become deeper as they don’t have experience and skills for the work.

Author Bio:- Billy Hust

Billy is a marketing manager at EZ Restoration USA. Her extensive knowledge of plumbing services has helped many people to overcome water damage and slab leak repair issues in their homes and offices. Through her blogs, she shares valuable information to the people across the USA about the advantages of AC & other appliances installation in San Diego, why regular maintenance of the HVAC system is required, and how to detect, prevent, and fix the water damage and slab leaks in your property.

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