All You Need To Know About Basement Stairs Railing, Its Installment And Some Unique Basement Stairs Railing Ideas

All You Need to Know about Basement Stairs Railing Its Installment and some Unique Basement Stairs Railing Ideas

Basement Stairs Railing

Basement stairs railing is an essential section of stair railings. You can choose the material and design of your basement stairs railing as you like; however, safety issues must be considered much more because it will be used mainly for children. You can do nothing if children are constantly passing by or playing in your basement. To ensure their safety and health, you need a basement stairs railing to prevent them from any accident such as falling, slipping, etc. 

If careful consideration is not taken while designing and building the basement stairs railing, it may lead to various accidents, including injuries or death. Though many people underestimate the importance of safety devices like railings, they usually use them when necessary, such as using stairway railings when climbing the stairs.

Basement stairs railing material

The basement stairs railing must be durable and also attractive. There are many options for the material of basement stairs railing; however, wood is considered the preferable one among others like glass or metal. The majority of people will prefer to use wooden bars due to their durability and homey appeal. However, several drawbacks are associated with it like expensive cost, not easy to install, can’t bear heavyweight, etc. 

But, you don’t need to worry about these problems because nowadays, many inexpensive types of woods feature the same quality as expensive ones. You may choose an affordable type of wood with a similar look and feel as expensive as one by applying some protective measures. For example, you can fill up the defects and pores of wood railings by applying a few coats of paint on the surface. Usually, colorless stains are used to fill out these defects to enhance the beauty of the wooden fence.

Basement stairs railing installation

It would help if you were very careful when installing basement stairs railing because the improper installation will lead to many accidents or injuries. You need to take care of the first thing is choosing a perfect place where the basement stairs railing should be installed. You must not select an area that does not permit any touch or grip while climbing the stairs because if you do it, children may fall from the stairs unintentionally. Hence, it would help if you considered every aspect before building a basement staircase especially considering the safety and health of users.

Basement stairs railing ideas

Most basements are dark and dull, but sometimes you can see an unusual basement designed nicely. If your basement stairs look dull or ugly, it would be an excellent idea to change this because stairs are often the first thing people see when they walk in. So if you want to make sure that everybody sees how beautiful it looks, here are some ideas about what you can do with those stairs railing.

1. Staircase with balusters

This is one of the most popular ideas which you can use on your stairs railing. If you want to make this for yourself, then it would be an excellent idea to go online and look for some unique pictures so that it becomes easier for you to get inspired about what kind of design or style that you want to apply to your staircase.

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2. Wooden staircase railing

Suppose you are looking for something new and modern. In that case, a wooden stairs railing is the perfect choice for this project because wooden stairs will give strong support, especially when somebody has a heavier weight than usual people. So if somebody who lives in your house is an overweight person, then having wooden basement stairs would be an excellent idea to do this project.

3. Stair with storage

Another exciting idea that you can apply on your basement stairs is adding a storage area for things needed frequently. So it would be nice to have this kind of idea installed on your staircase because it will give a unique look and feel based on what you want to create in it.

4. Aluminium railing system

The next easiest thing which you can do to your stairs railing is by installing an aluminium railing system which usually comes in many styles, so it would be straightforward for you to find something suitable for your home interior design, especially when you live in a modern house or contemporary type of house. Please choose one which matches perfectly with the style of the house.

5. Spiral staircase

This is a kind of unique idea which you can apply on your basement stairs because it will give a gorgeous look and feel in the area commonly used for entering and exiting the room there. So if you want something different than a standard stair, then this idea would be a suitable choice for this kind of project.

6. Awesome floating stairs

If you have vast space for your stair railing, then it would be nice if you add some floating stairs railing so that the stair itself becomes more interesting than standard pair of stairs because it has its unique style and design, which can make excitement especially when somebody looks at it closely with detail eyesight. This project usually takes longer to complete, but this stair railing would be a great choice to make, especially if you want something different from a common one.

7. Stairs with wooden texture

This is a kind of unique idea which you can use to improve your basement stairs railing because it has a visual effect that will give a nice feel and look for the area itself. It would be straightforward for you to apply this thing, especially when you already have stairs installed in the area that needs better design or style like this one made from wood because wood usually comes in many different textures and techniques which can be used as an inspiration for a specific staircase railing project.

8. Inside L shaped spiral staircase

This is another unique thing you can add on your way into the basement stairs because it has its unique style and design. If you want something different from the usual stair, this idea would be suitable for the project itself because it will give a lovely look, especially when you choose the proper color to make them more satisfying based on what you want.

9. Unique double set of stairs with landing area

This is a kind of unique design which usually often applied to most modern types of houses, especially if they already have basement stairs installed inside their home to optimize the usage of the space. This model usually has a unique feature, especially in visual appearances, like in this picture where there are a double set of stairs. However, only one landing is still made from glass, which will give a very look for your basement entrance-way.

10. Closed staircase railing design

This is another unique thing that you can apply, especially on your basement stairs, because it has its different model and design, which will give a perfect way to improve the look of your house in general. This design features closed stairs combined with a glass railing, so the space itself still looks open. Still, it doesn’t allow people to pass through until they reach the last step, which you can use to optimize one area’s usage, which often gets wasted by many people.

What height railing is appropriate for basement stairs?

Measured parallel to the face of the riser at the front edge of the tread, the distance between the top of the handrail and the tread surface cannot be larger than 37 inches (94 cm) or smaller than 30 inches (76 cm).