Gas Hob Vs. Gas Stove Which Should You Buy For Your Kitchen?

Gas Hob
Gas Hob

The gas stove price makes them a suitable choice. But modern gas hobs come with modern features and a sleek design. To help you out, we will list the pros and cons of both.

Gas hobs and stoves are cooktops; they are different from each other when you consider their design as well as functionality. Gas stoves may appear as an easy choice for your cooking. However, gas hobs have become much more efficient nowadays. 

Below we will be discussing all of the above to compare the two along with a gas hob and gas stove.

Differences between a gas hob and a gas stove

1. Heat control and functionality

In-built hobs have some advanced features in comparison to gas stoves. They have smooth controls and knobs, and you can get them in electric and gas versions. In addition, they have in-built features, like alarms and sensors, to prevent the burning of food and overcooking. Gas hobs have several heat control options that will accommodate your preferences for cooking.

On the other hand, gas stoves are convenient to use, but they lack traditional heating and cooking methods of adjusting the flame by turning the knobs. To avoid burning and overcooking, you have to ensure that the meal gets preserved for a suitable amount of time. But you do not get alarms and heat sensors, so you must manually keep track while cooking. 

2. Cost

If you compare the gas stove price with the price of a gas hob, you will realize that hobs are much more expensive than gas stoves. It is due to the premium quality, style, design, and features that you find in an in-built gas hob. This gives them an edge over gas stoves.

The price of a traditional gas stove or gas hob prices also varies depending on the number of burners that the cooktop has, and that means you will get four burners in a gas stove and six burners in a gas hob. 

3. Maintenance and care

You need to practice an extra amount of care while you use a gas hob, and cleaning and maintaining them routinely is a must. Gas stoves, on the other hand, do not require much care. If you accidentally spill any liquid or water on the burner, it can ruin and damage the gas hob. Gas stoves do need some maintenance but not much when you compare them with gas hobs.

4. Safety

Modern gas hobs are safer to use than traditional gas stoves. Hobs will ensure that you have maximum convenience while cooking, but they also make your kitchen look more modern. Innovative features like automatic timers and mechanical timers guarantee ease of control with safety.

5. Cooking efficiently

Gas hobs, unlike gas stoves, sit on the level of the countertop of your kitchen. Additionally, they will not protrude. This in-built design enables you to unload and load heavy cooking utensils from the cooktop. The in-built design of modern hobs makes them easy to clean too.

When you clean the countertop of a gas hob, you can wipe off food grime and spills from the cooktop. Modern hobs also have an auto-ignition feature that will light the burners automatically.

6. Sleek design

Modern hubs, along with providing good functionality, also uplift the aesthetics of the kitchen. They have a sleek design that provides your kitchen with a contemporary look. To make your kitchen look more sophisticated, you can opt for a gas hob that has a durable finish on the glass. The range-topping hobs are even available in tempered glass finishes that are durable. 

So, in conclusion, we must say that modern gas hobs are better than gas stoves for numerous reasons. For instance, they are easier and more convenient to use, though some will prefer the traditional design of gas stoves over the modern design of a gas hob. Moreover, the gas stove price also makes it a great option in case you have a low budget and cannot make an expensive purchase of buying a gas hob.


Gas hobs hold a more advantageous position over gas stoves. They come with a sleek and modern design where that matches the level of the countertop of your kitchen. This gives them an extra edge when you have to unload and load heavy utensils while you are looking.

Modern gas hobs also provide you with better safety. They have sensors, alarms, and timers that will enable you to monitor them with ease. Gas stoves, on the other hand, need manual control. Price-wise, a gas stove makes them a superior choice over a gas hob. But, it is also vital to keep in mind that you will be missing out on some modern features that you can otherwise get with modern gas hobs just by spending a few extra bucks. So, if you are going for better quality, control, safety, and modern features, modern gas hobs are your best bet. 

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