What is an air curtain?

Air Curtain
Air Curtain

A curtain made of air is a device powered by a fan that forms an air barrier that is invisible over the doorway, separating two environments, but without hindering the entry of a vehicle or the.

The energy-saving air screen can cut heating and cooling expenses by as much as 80 percent while also keeping the indoor climate in check and improving the comfort of people. It protects the environment from insects and pests, dust, airborne pollutants, smells, and unpleasant odors, and prevents draughts as well as hot or cold air entry.

The function of the air curtain relies on a high-speed jet of air that can cover every gap. These curtains that are heated create comfort through the spray of air that lands on people when they pass through the screen of air and help to keep the temperature at the doorway.

Are air curtains effective?

Every study and test has confirmed that air curtains manufacturers provide a wide range of cost effective, reliable air doors. If an effective air door is properly installed, it will save you money and, at the same, the areas of entry remain secure, comfortable, and free of draughts, bugs, odors, etc.

Air curtain without a curtain

Based on physical laws the warm air, which is visible on the left side of the image is pushed up via natural convection and then escapes towards the cooler part of the room while the colder, unheated air flows from outside across the flooring. Since the air tends to be able to even out pressures and temperatures, and the warm interior is not protected thermally from the outside so the air is mixed and it is difficult to distinguish two distinct thermal zones. This means that we use up much energy and the heater isn’t enough to maintain a comfortable temperature in the interior space.

Air curtain situation:

The air jets that are part of the air door  that is placed on top separate the warm and cold zone into two zones of thermal. The Industrial air curtain helps keep the inside space on the left in the photo at a warm temperature and prevents cold air from leaking via the external. In the second scenario, the air door can save up to 80 percent of the energy generated by the heater mounted on the left side of the wall.

The advantages and benefits of air curtains

We categorize the air door advantages into 4 categories:

Commercial Profitability

  • Sales rise because of an “open doors effect”. It is well-known to be true that when doors open and people can access the market, their wealth rises significantly.
  • Doors are open and a welcome to customers
  • Doorway functions as an open shop window, allowing shoppers to look interior of the store
  • Access for disabled persons is free (wheelchair) or those using baby strollers umbrellas, trolleys, and so on
  • Expands the usable space available at entrances
  • Enhances comfort for staff and customers

Healthy and hygienic environment

  • Helps maintain an adequate environment
  • Reduces employee absenteeism
  • Controlling insects and pests
  • Protection against airborne dust, pollutants, fumes, and unpleasant smells

Energy conservation

  • Reduces energy loss in the conditioned space
  • Reduce the capacity of central plants (heating/cooling)
  • Reduces the cost of running the building
  • Reduces the emissions of CO2.

More safety

  • Improve visibility and reduce the risk of collisions because there’s no physical obstacle
  • In cold rooms, reduces misting, it is also possible to dry out the doorway and stop the formation of ice on floors
  • Easy evacuation via the doorway to exit in the event of an emergency or fire
  • Protect against the fumes from fire (special application)

To achieve these benefits, it is vital to select the appropriate commercial air curtain.

If we pick the incorrect unit, the air jet will not reach the floor, and the separation of two areas adjacent to each other will be lost. If all cooled and heated air doesn’t traverse the doorway, we’ll lose energy as well as all the other benefits.

Certain people just care about the cost of the air door and choose a lower quality or insufficient air door, and follow other recommendations from sellers. To be sure, you must examine the features of the curtain, particularly the type of fan that is used as well as the air volume.

In the end, if we look at the cost of the air door as well as the energy savings we can find that the wrong model could result in more costly, and in addition, the customer won’t be happy.

On open doors, it is strongly recommended to have an air door due to the numerous advantages.