Tips for Keeping Kitchen Safe from Bugs and Insects?


It is important to keep your home clean and bug-free as the kitchen is the most important area of the home. It’s a great location for pests and insects in your home because of the delicious food you cook there.

You can keep your kitchen clean by keeping bugs out. Still, you should avoid using harsh chemicals that could contaminate food—as with energy-efficient home improvement, reducing harmful chemicals in your home and environment is important.

Most of the time, we keep packaging boxes of retail products in kitchen cabinets; it can also increase the growth of insects and bugs.

We’ve got some home remedies to keep bugs out of your kitchen.

Use Basil Leaves

Fresh basil plants are an excellent remedy for flies. They keep flies away, keep your kitchen smelling fresh, and can be used in cooking to add flavor! Fresh basil is a win for everyone.

Use Bay Leaves

Drying bay leaves will keep silverfish and wood pests away from kitchen cabinets. You can keep a few bay leaves around the corners of the cabinets. Or, you can use a scrap cloth to make a bag to hold the leaves. To intensify the smell, add cinnamon sticks to the sachets.

Use Coffee

Ants are not coffee lovers like most people. To prevent them from entering the kitchen, sprinkle coffee grounds around windows and entry points.

Vinegar and essential oils like peppermint and citronella can be used to repel ants. Wipe down walls and countertops with these items for an extra protective barrier.

Use Lemon Oil

Although a few pests can help reduce the number around your home, having too many is not a good idea. An all-natural spray can be made by combining orange or lemon essential oils with soapy water; you can mix about five drops of each oil with an ounce of water. Concentrate the oil around cracks in kitchen walls to keep spiders away.

You can use any leftover orange and lemon peels to prevent moths in your home.

Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil can be used to repel pests and clear your sinuses. You can use it in the kitchen as undiluted oil to wipe down countertops or mix it with water in spray bottles.

The eucalyptus oils will evaporate when the water dries. This keeps bugs and flies away and makes your kitchen smell great. You’ll feel much more refreshed, especially during flu season.

Enjoy a Clean Kitchen

Cleanliness is the first thing bugs hate. This is good because we should strive to keep our kitchen clean. Keep your kitchen dry as it is the perfect solution to keep it safe from bugs. You can also clean up trash and debris from your home. 

Sunlight is another natural way to prevent pest growth; let in as much light as possible. Clean your shelves regularly and throw out garbage daily. You can consult a professional pest control specialist if you continue to have problems with pests.