Top 4 Roofing Companies in Texas


Your Roof is the most important & essential part of your house. It covers your home and provides you with a comfortable private space where you can do whatever you want to. Considering this fact, you must design and install the roof suitably on your house. Otherwise, you may feel many problems. Moreover, a good roof also enhances the market value of your house. Therefore, if you are going to sell your house then having a properly maintained roof will be your plus point. If you want to enjoy professional services in this matter, approach a reputable contractor. A good contractor not only completes your project appropriately but also saves your time and money sometimes. You can find many roofing companies in Texas that can help you in this matter. In this article, we have listed the top 4 roofing companies that are providing services in Dallas, Texas.

1- Fix Hold & Flip

Are you looking for reliable as well as punctual service providers to resolve your roofing problems, efficiently? Fix Hold & Flip is an excellent choice in this regard. It is a general contractor firm that also provides roofing services. These professionals always put the needs of their clients as the top priority so that they can please their customers. With significant experience in handling roofing projects, they do not let you worry about anything and offer highly professional facilities. You can approach them for your residential and commercial roofing. Their experts can also install mounts on your roof without any worries so that if you plan to install solar panels you do not find any difficulty. They also know the importance of quality for their buyers. Therefore, they do not compromise it at any cost. Due to these amazing features of this company with over 17 years of experience, they have satisfied hundreds of clients.

2- Shingles Roofing

Shingles roofing is operating in Texas and is a family-owned local business. This service provider offers roofing services to the people and is quite famous due to its customer satisfaction. All you need to do is to present a problem before them, they mostly have the right solution for your queries. This company pays appropriate attention to the quality of its work. It is because they know they cannot make their clients happy without delivering good quality work. If you avail of the services of this company you can enjoy multiple services such as a flat roof, asphalt shingles, and metal roof. Also, feel free to contact them for gutter installation, and gutter cleaning facilities for your roof. With 11 years of experience in providing roofing services you are not going to regret hiring Shingles roofing.

3- Onit Roofing

Onit Roofing is a well-reputed roofing company that guides its clients through choosing the best option for their home and budget. They understand that most people only replace their roofs once. Therefore, they want the experience of their buyers to be easy as well as uncomplicated. They specialize not only in residential insurance claims, but also have expertise in roof replacements, repairs, and gutters. The company was established in 2019, however, the employees and crew members of the company have years of experience in resolving roofing problems. Josh Dill is the owner of the business and aims to provide you with utmost safety by offering excellent roofing services.

Onit roofing is popular for its numerous services that other companies do not offer. You can freely approach them for roof installation, roof inspection, Asphalt shingles roof installation, leak repair, and roof sealing. You can also approach this firm if you want aluminum gutter installation at an affordable price. Their repairing services can also provide you with excellent and long-lasting results.

4- Ace Roofing Company

ACE Roofing company was established in 2006. It is a locally owned business in Texas, ready to serve you with highly professional roofing facilities. This company has significant experience in roofing which makes it one of the top choices for clients. Their workers are also skilled and understand the requirements of the clients. Hence, they can meet your needs without any worries. The outstanding features of this firm always satisfy their clients. You can read the online reviews of their customers and understand how popular they are among their buyers. You can also analyze their past projects to understand their quality of work. They offer multiple facilities on a single platform which makes them a reliable service provider. Roof installation, roof inspection, commercial services, clay tile roof services, flat roof services, metal roof services, concrete tile roof services, and many more, all are available at ACE Roofing company.


Roofs are included in the fundamental components of a house or a commercial building. It must be designed and installed suitably, otherwise, the users may face many problems. An easy solution to this is hiring a professional roofer. There are many roofing services available in Texas. The above-mentioned options can be highly helpful in choosing the suitable service provider according to your requirements. You can also look for some other options on the internet if you are not interested in the above-mentioned companies.