Tiny houses: The Modern Architecture

Tiny House
Tiny House

With the increasing land value, owning a house that you can call home has become very difficult. But as quick on the uptake as people have become, they were bound to find a solution to that problem. They found it in the form of a tiny home design.

As soon as you hear the name, there is no doubt in one’s mind as to what it is. They are a mini version of your regular houses. Not only increasing cost but also privacy, eco-consciousness, flexibility, etc. have been a driving force of this for more than 20 years.

Though one might question as to why they should live in such a ‘congested’ space and how would they adjust to it. The purpose of these is to live a life free from debt and make it more fulfilling.

Here are some of why should you opt for of tiny home design

Tiny House
Tiny House
  • Cost friendly

Lease or mortgage on tiny houses is very less as compared to a regular house and it might most probably not land you in debt. The electricity bills will also be very minimal due to the lesser area occupied. They are also easy and low maintenance. If you like an affordable lifestyle and enjoy getting creative with your own place, tiny home design might prove to be one of the best choices you ever made.

  • Eco-friendly

Moreover, you use less energy due to the less space you occupy. It reduces your carbon footprint and proves to be environmentally friendly. They consume fewer resources and are green homes. You may also install solar or wind panels, which will further reduce your carbon footprint to almost negligible. This tiny home design has a bonus; you can move your house anywhere in the world and it would still be functional.

  • Easy to move

In addition to this, tiny houses are very easy to travel to or relocate. You can easily join it to a truck and the wheels do the rest of the job for you. Its potential for mobility is one of the huge advantages these houses possess. There are times when you might have to relocate and then the problem of housing arises. But when your house is on wheels it is one of the last things you need to worry about while moving.

  • Easier to clean

Again, less space comes to the rescue. They are very easy to maintain. Having a tiny home design like that makes it very efficient to clean. You own less stuff and thus it doesn’t pile up and even if it does, it will take very less time to clean all the mess up. Cleaning? It gets done within a couple of minutes. Dusting? Yet, it gets done in another couple of minutes. And that’s it. You are done cleaning.

  • Decorating your house

It will be very cost friendly, easy, and fulfilling to decorate your house with your own two hands. You might not need any designer or anything of that sort. You can also add your personal touch to it to give it a homier look. Furthermore, if you ever want to redecorate it and change your tiny home design, you will find it very affordable and easy to do.

  • Organizing your things

If you move into a tiny house, it is very obvious that you will have to get rid of many possessions since you will be moving to a tiny house from a place that was probably 8 to 9 times its size. It makes you realize the worthy things and the ones you need to survive. Living small might give you a fulfilling sense of what you already have.

  • Healthier lifestyle

You will have less expenditure on things like electricity bills and cleaning appliances which will lead to less stress and less stress equals a healthier lifestyle. Tiny home design might prove to be more fun than you imagined it would be. You are not weighed down by problems like mortgages and debts and less time in cleaning and maintaining the homes leaves much time for leisure activities.

Final Overview

These were some of the advantages that this modern architecture possesses. It provides you with an affordable and healthier lifestyle. If you are also one of those people who are very annoyed when asked to clean their space, this might just be the thing for you.