7 Keys to Making a Good Real Estate Video


Did you know that more and more people are willing to buy or rent a home without visiting it first? And all thanks to real estate videos. Real estate videos are an excellent sales tool since they show the home’s characteristics and combine the best marketing techniques to better connect with the viewer. Today we will talk about the keys to making a good real estate video.

You own a property or a real estate agency and want to rent or sell a property. However, receiving visitors during a pandemic is more complicated, as many interested buyers do not feel safe. Besides, you know that visits take a lot of time. Do you know that now you can manage to sell or rent a property without spending hours receiving visitors? The solution is to record a good real estate video. Thanks to it, you will get more and better offers.

What is a real estate video

It is a promotional video of a building, a block or a house in general. Although it can simply show the property’s characteristics, its general format is more similar to that of an advertisement, so it usually conveys the associated benefits of acquiring said property. We are going to analyze the keys that make a real estate video a good real estate video.

Keys to making a good real estate video

1. Define the objective of the video

What is the purpose of the video? Sell a property, attract more clients, get testimonials…? Also, what type of housing is being promoted? Is it meant for families, singles, and maybe business owners because it’s an office building? Before recording a video, it is necessary to stipulate its objective and to whom it is directed. A family will look for characteristics in their home that are very different from those that a young couple or a single person would look for. When you define the objective of the video and its audience, you will already have the basis to start creating it.

2. Define what type of video you are going to make

Now you already have the audience and the objective. What kind of video are you going to make now? Perhaps you only want to show what a property is like inside and out, so you get to record both with background music. But is that making a good real estate video? If you want to go further, you may be interested in recording a voiceover highlighting the benefits of living in that place or the sensations it conveys. You may also be interested in making a testimonial video of the neighbors who live on the block and how their experience has been since they moved.

All of this means applying marketing techniques to real estate videos.

3. Do real estate video marketing

Therefore, you can apply real estate marketing techniques to make a good real estate video. These techniques consist of stimulating the sale by connecting with the possible client and arousing in him certain sensations that he would get when buying that home. As you can see, in the videos that we showed you at the beginning, there is a lot of difference between the first, which only shows the house, and the second, which explains what you would get by moving to that block, what benefits it has and why it is a special purchase.

Thus, explaining the product through a story instead of relying only on images helps to generate memory in the potential client since they can see that the property is to their liking and discover everything they would feel if they decided to acquire it.

4. Write a script and a storyboard

Every good video needs a script and a storyboard. The script is not only the word to say in the video but also the structure that it will follow, which is reflected in the storyboard. The storyboard, meanwhile, is a set of illustrations presented sequentially to serve as a guide to understanding a story.

You don’t need to know how to draw to make it, and you can make schematic drawings representing each scene so that you make sure the story is understood when editing the video. Very important: the script must accompany the video. If, at one point, you talk about the villa being sold having a pool, you must post pictures of the pool at that moment.

5. Use the most advanced technology

Everything will depend on the available resources, but it is clear that the better the technology you use, the better results you will obtain. Don’t stay with a simple camera and a microphone: use drones, lights, stabilizers, and tripods. This will make you stand out against the competition.

6. Be realistic

Using the most advanced means will make you look more professional than the rest, but nothing happens if you do not have the necessary budget. We have to be realists. You can make an amazing real estate video even if you need drones to record what the building looks like from a bird’s eye view. If there is no budget, enhance the script, or make a testimonial video. An image is indeed worth more than a thousand words, but a good text always convinces better.

7. Create a strategy to promote the video

Not even the best clothes are sold if stored in a trunk. Once you get the fruit of your effort, the video, it’s time to promote it. You can follow different strategies: share it on social networks, purchase paid advertising or take advantage of SEO.

Videos position very well in Google, so if you use keywords in the title and description, you will be able to appear in the first results of web search engines. In addition, if the video is very well prepared, there are possibilities that the people who see it will share it among possible interested parties, facilitating the promotion and granting you free publicity.

Benefits of creating a real estate video

Finally, we will review the main benefits of creating a real estate video in case you still doubt its usefulness.

1. Stand out from the competition

More and more properties are being sold online. Currently, buyers or tenants want to interact with the properties before visiting them and operations can even be closed without face-to-face visits. Real estate agents or owners who know how to adapt to this new trend will stand out from the competition, and in addition, videos are the tool that sells the most, ahead of text and photography.

2. Stay in the memory of the viewer

With a well-made real estate video, you will connect much more with the viewer than with a simple visit and stay in their memory. This is what is known in marketing as the top of mind, a list of the five brands that come to mind when the customer is evaluating a purchase. Imagine always being in the first place thanks to your real estate videos.

3. Make content go viral

We have already said it before, but a good real estate video can make the content go viral. This allows you to reach more people for less money and get more offers and sales.

4. Save time when showing a property

The unquestionable benefit is that, although it takes time to make the video, you will be able to show it infinite times when you finally get it. You will not have to schedule visits from potential buyers or tenants, which will leave you more time to occupy yourself with other things!