Invest in a New Area Rug to Enhance the Look of Your Home

8x10 Area Rug
8x10 Area Rug

Are you wanting to adorn your house with a new floor covering? Want to add some flair to your interiors and keep your rooms appearing new and fresh without having to redecorate completely? 

Whatever the case, if you’re searching for a fantastic new area rug, you’ve come to the correct place. Because we know that everyone is concerned about how they decorate their home, rugs are the most simple and cost-effective approach to improve the beauty and charm of your house.

If you want to buy a rug for your bedroom or even for a living room, an 8×10 area rug will be perfect for you to cover all your space properly and beautifully.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to decorate your home with a new area rug and how to pick the ideal new item for any room. Learn more by reading on!

Keep In Mind to Emphasize Your Current Styles

Remember the styles you have to work within your home when selecting a rug, whether it is an accent piece or the room’s focal point. After all, avoid picking an accent rug that clashes with everything in your interior decor! You must know the style of your décor to select the ideal accent rug for your space. 

To get started, familiarize yourself with the following three primary categories:

Traditional: These area rugs are nearly always made of wool, but they do not have to be. Traditional-style synthetic rugs are becoming increasingly common, and some might even be made of silk. Since these rugs are typically enormous, they might be something other than accent items. Again, though, this is only sometimes the case. To conclude, classic area rugs frequently use earth tones, jewel tones, and more dated patterns that frequently feature borders and floral prints.

Contemporary: Anything that doesn’t fit the traditional category can be used for contemporary rugs. While synthetic fabrics or more unusual fibers like jute or bamboo are used most frequently in contemporary rugs, this is only sometimes the case. Depending on the style, these rugs might be either big or very small. Modern designs frequently feature shag rugs, which are excellent as accent pieces and table centerpieces.

Transitional: Last but not least, transitional fashion combines the best elements from the previous two groups. Your rug might be categorized as transitional if it has a classic pattern and color scheme but is smaller and composed of synthetic fibers. On the other hand, if your rug is wool, large enough to serve as a focal point, and colorful and vivid, that rug might also qualify as transitional.

Use the Carpet or Rug That You Currently Have

If your home or room already has carpeting or a sizable area rug and you’re searching for an accent piece to go with it, make sure to pick something that will go with the current floor treatment. 

For instance, it won’t work if you choose a bright blue shag throw rug to go with a large traditional area rug in the middle of your room with a floral print and various shades of brown, gray, and olive green! For optimum results, think about complementary or complementary colors, and always remember the first tip: work with the style of your room.

Don’t Be Scared To Experiment with Different Combinations

While it rarely works to decorate in a different style than the room itself (unless the area is already transitional), mixing and matching design elements within the style in question can be quite successful. 

For instance, you can usually get away with decorating with two smaller accent rugs in this design rather than one large one if you prefer the appearance of conventional rugs with thick borders. Although they might not have the same design, they complement or match one another.

On the other side, you can be wackier with your choices if your space is highly trendy and contemporary. You can go with two abstract designs or select two different fibers altogether. Being a little mismatched can go a long way in this style, as long as everything you choose still falls under the contemporary genre.

Choose Fibers That You Can Maintain

Lastly, choosing an accent rug made of fiber you are willing to keep is a fantastic option. This implies that you should stick to synthetic fibers that last long and withstand much wear and tear if you want something that can withstand heavy foot traffic, like a runner rug or an accent piece for a living room that gets much use. 

On the other hand, you can select this more delicate fiber if you adore the look and feel of chenille rugs and know your accent rug will be in an out-of-the-way location. Keep in mind that this rug style will require more maintenance with time.

Make sure you choose the appropriate fiber for your new area rug, regardless of how or where you want to use it. A synthetic rug might be the best option for most rooms in your house, and just because a rug is less expensive doesn’t mean it’s of poorer quality.


Our advice will help you the next time you look for a rug. There is a perfect rug out there, even though it may take some time to narrow down your options and locate a piece of home décor that meets all your requirements. Keep the above advice in mind, and you’ll be on your way to choosing a fantastic rug in no time! Furthermore, choose Rug Gallery if you need a standard quality 8×10 rug for your bedroom. They feature a large selection of rugs with vibrant and stylish designs that are quite reasonable!