Auto Accident Lawsuits in Bellevue: When Can Victims Get a Settlement?

Auto Accident Lawsuits

A lot of car accident lawsuits are resolved in settlement agreements with the insurance provider of the driver who caused an accident. This is possible without filing a lawsuit. But usually, lawsuits need to be filed, so the insurance company takes a claim seriously. Car accident lawsuits that do not resolve after filing a lawsuit may lead to trial. An auto accident attorney in Bellevue can assist injured victims in trial preparation and present their case when necessary. How long it takes a car accident claim to resolve depends on some factors.

When is Settlement Reached?

When it comes to resolving car accident cases, there is no standard timeline. But generally, it can take six months to over a year following a crash to reach a claim settlement. Several issues can affect the difficulty of getting a settlement for a car accident claim including evidence availability, the seriousness of the injuries sustained by the victim, if the accident resulted in death, the complexity of liability, available insurance coverage, and the willingness of the insurance company to negotiate. 

Typically, car accident victims don’t file a lawsuit right after an accident. When the evidence has been collected and the victim’s lawyer has determined the damages involved, they will make a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Then, the lawyer and an insurance representative will negotiate a fair settlement. If the representative refuses to negotiate or makes lowball offers, the lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit. This can demonstrate the victim’s seriousness about recovering the monetary compensation they deserve. Negotiations between both parties can continue before trial or during trial. 

Is It Okay to Settle a Case Sooner?

Those injured in a car crash want to get insurance payouts sooner rather than later. They may be dealing with huge medical expenses and lost income as they have to be away from work during their recovery. That is why many victims prefer to accept a quick settlement with insurance companies. However, talking to an attorney first allows a victim to understand the true value of their case. A good lawyer knows whether a settlement offer is fair and if a victim can recover additional compensation by negotiating further or filing a lawsuit. 

This may result in more time before a settlement is secured. But the wait can be worth it if a victim recovers more financial compensation for their losses. Aside from speaking with an attorney, car accident victims must also take steps after the crash and during their recovery to improve their chances of getting a timely and fair settlement. These include seeking medical attention, notifying their insurer, thoroughly documenting all damages, continuing with medical care, and communicating with their attorney.