8 Smart Ways to Cut Cost on Your Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Most people dream of having a luxurious bathroom. It’s usually one of the most expensive parts of a home. Moving to the constructive costs, is something that solely depends on your budget. Who doesn’t want a lavish bathroom attached to their rooms? Of course, everyone does. Tackling a bathroom remodeling cost is a critical job while keeping its comfort and functionality. New Finish Inc can guide you more on getting a perfect bathroom by not exceeding your budget.

Concluding the tips while not spending all your savings on your bathroom remodeling while still achieving what you want. Don’t hesitate to put on some effort with the DIYs. In order to work on a budget, you’ll need to be active and supervise each and everything on your own. Get ready to be active throughout the process.

Set a Realistic Budget

A project will only stay in a budget if a fixed budget exists. By setting a budget, it means a realistic one. It’s not practical if you want reinstallation of everything from scratch but have set a limited budget for it. It’s technically impossible to achieve. It’s smart to set aside some money, other than the budget because you never know if you’ll want it.

Once you set a plan, make sure to stick with it and cut your desire to look for expensive materials. It can feel tempting to spend a little extra over multiple things. It will eventually add up to the overall cost and that is something you would regret in the end.

Take Over The Demolition Part

You’ll of course need to hire contractors for the remodeling process. Remodeling involves demolition and that’s where you can save the additional expenditure. It doesn’t require professional supervision or technical skills. 

This doesn’t at all mean you should be rushing to the bathroom holding a hammer. There are some delicate areas you need to be careful with. Be extra careful with plumbing pipes, HVAC vents, electrical outlets and fixtures. If they get damaged during the demolition process, you’ll need to book a professional to hire them. It will ofcourse add up the cost.

Design Your Own Vanity

Here’s the fun part. If you are someone into DIY’s and love being your own designer, it’s time to schedule your visits to flea markets and resellers. Get your hands on a classy old dresser. There’s no limit when it comes to creativity. You can set up a new, perfect, elegant looking vanity with that and it won’t even look outdated.

No need to hire a designer and get one built from scratch. The amount of money you’ll be saving on this is a lot and you’ll get the opportunity to be your own designer. Also, you can design it however you want.

To save during a bathroom renovation, hit up those antique stores, flea markets and resellers for a beautiful old dresser you can spruce up and reuse in place of your outdated bathroom vanity. It makes for a great DIY project, and you’ll be able to easily cut out the space to hide the plumbing, seal drawers, add towel bars on the sides and put a sink in it or on it. Here’s how to install a vanity sink.

Leave The Existing Utilities

Everyone wants a brand new bathroom, with no traces and reflection of the old one. It sounds great but is practically expensive. You don’t have to replace the existing utilities without a reason. It’s okay to replace the flooring but replacing the utilities from the scratch will ramp up your overall cost.

Don’t mess with the supply lines, showers, drains, electricity and outlets, HVAC fixtures like baseboard heaters and radiant heating, and bathroom vents.

Refinish Elements Instead of Replacing

We all wish to see a newly styled bathroom and get every plumbing item replaced with a new one. Doing so will only add up to the cost of your renovation. Instead of replacing the old tubs and shower bases, evaluate if you really need it.

It’s wiser to look for functional reasons to replace the elements rather than aesthetic. You can always cover the unattractiveness with the design if they operate perfectly. A protective coating will do the work for the bathtub and cabinet.

Bring Out The Designer in You

Interior designers are worth the price they charge, and every penny is worth it. It’s not always fit in the budget. If your budget is limited, it’s wise to handle the designing part on your own. Take some time to look for videos and gather ideas to get the job done efficiently. 

It’s also critical to understand that designers are priceless. Because they have access to discounts and materials that homeowners do not, they can occasionally pay for themselves.

Retain The Bathroom’s Size

Increasing the size of your bathroom will lead to moving plumbing pipes, which requires more labor and adds up to the cost. Moving sewer pipes and resizing should only be done if necessary. It’s not something that needs to be done because you just want to see a change. 

Don’t play with objects that ain’t movable until it’s required to accomodate your needs. The benefits of moving them must be heavy against the financial impact.

Avoid The Hidden Costs

Bathrooms are one of those areas people love to change every now and then. Along with that, it’s one of the most busy spaces of the house. It requires renovation much more frequently than the other areas of your home. With modern luxurious elements, renovations have a tendency to be expensive and you will need a professional even if you overlook some fixations on your own. Get in touch with New Finish Inc for a luxurious remodeling on a budget.

Since they cover a smaller space as compared to the other areas, it’s likely to apply cost-saving techniques. Also, DIY’s can help you save money over vanities and the designing part. All of it is possible if you follow a proper plan and stick to it.