7 Reasons Why Independent House is Better than Flat

7 Reasons Why Independent

Are you confused about buying a house or a flat in Spain? Let us clear the confusion for you and show you why it is better to settle for the former over the latter.  If you are ready to learn more, keep reading as we share some fabulous details.

Fully Customizable

That’s true if you buy a house in Spain, you can customize your property to a great extent. Whereas in a flat, your options are very limited, flats tend to be smaller than houses so even if you have the budget, you may not enjoy the flexibility. You can also customize the exterior of the house as per your wish.


Living in a flat will curb your independence as you will have to comply with strict rules, but living in a house you have the freedom to do what you want. You can have social events as and when you want.

Exclusive Space

The biggest plus point is you do not have to share the space or the facilities with anyone else. You will have your independent electric supply and water supply. For example, if you are looking for Moraira Villa sale, then you can have your very own barbecue area and swimming pool, and you can also design the garden area the way you want. You can hire the services of a property designer to lend a distinct touch to your house. In an apartment building, you cannot have this exclusivity.

Complete Privacy

Now, we all know that dealing with inquisitive and loud neighbors can be a tedious chore if you are living in an apartment, but living in an independent house is much more fulfilling as you do not have to deal with unnecessary drama.


Safety is one thing that you should never compromise on if you are deciding to buy a house or an apartment. If you decide to go for an individual house then you can install security devices wherever you want. You can also decide if you want security cameras all over the house or if you want electronic locking systems. In short, you get to choose the intensity of security in your house.

Independent Lifestyle

An independent house will give you the chance to showcase your individual lifestyle. Since you will have all the space to yourself you can take the liberty to decorate your house from the inside out to reflect your own personality.

Great Investment

There is no doubt that a house will make a good investment in case you would want to sell the house later. If you buy a house in a good locality in Spain, you can expect a good price. Also, you have to remember that the price of land is always on the rise so you must take advantage of it. For this, you must consult a good real estate agent who has been in the industry for many years to give you accurate information on the future value of the house in question. This comparison of Flat Vs House idea taken from here. 

Final Word

So, these were the top 7 reasons why you should settle for a house and not a flat if you are looking for a place in Spain to set up a home. You should also keep in mind to consult a proper lawyer before you buy a house in Spain. Gathering information on the seller and the kind of property is important so must not rush the process.