7 Kitchen Design Tips for Creative Homeowners


A kitchen is always at the heart and soul of any house. It is the space where you prepare meals for all your loved ones. Spending much time in a space like this makes it natural to want to make it look aesthetic. If you’ve been trying to achieve something similar in your kitchen, this article will give you some practical and actionable steps to start the kitchen redesigning process immediately. You’ll be surprised to learn how some minor design changes can provide an entirely new look to your kitchen. So let’s quickly explore some incredible kitchen design tips shared below.

Add Colorful Backsplashes

If you love cooking new items, getting colorful backsplashes are for you. They add a character to the space, instantly grabbing people’s attention. It is also easy to clean if it gets stained with stains or grease splashes while cooking. When you invest in colorful backsplashes, you elevate your kitchen’s interiors.

You should look for backsplashes that match the remaining of your kitchen’s look and feel. If your kitchen is covered with various neutral-colored farmhouse kitchen cabinets, you can opt for dark-colored backsplashes like deep green, dark blue, orange, radiant yellow, etc.

Lighten Your Kitchen with Modern Light Fixtures

If you want to redesign your kitchen for a distinct look, consider changing the entire light setting. Traditional light fixtures are predictable and don’t contribute much to modern kitchens. Replacing old-style light fixtures with trendy designs will be an excellent option. Recessed lighting, ceiling lights, wall scones, chandeliers, and mini lamps for countertops are some light options you can consider. 

Homeowners whose kitchen is predominantly occupied by farmhouse kitchen cabinets should look for light fixtures whose designs complement the cabinet’s aesthetic features. It will help create a neat, organized look you would love. You should also consider the kitchen’s wall paint colors while picking any new light fixture.

Invest in a Butcher Block Countertop

The market offers a range of kitchen countertops, and the ones made with marbles are generally mainstream. But trends have started to change as many homeowners are now shifting toward countertops made of hardwood. If you want your kitchen to look classic and high-end, installing a medium to large-size butcher block countertop would do the work.

Besides aesthetics, hardwood countertops are also preferred by people for one more reason, i.e., they don’t affect the blade sharpness of the knives while chopping or cutting vegetables on the countertop. A butcher block countertop can make your kitchen more functional and beautiful.

Install Hanging Pot Racks

Why keep beautiful pots in cupboards when you can hang them for better display? Well-organized, placed, and hanging pots are always a pleasant sight to encounter in any kitchen. If you have been storing them in farmhouse kitchen cabinets for some reason, try placing them out now and see visible differences.

You can easily install hanging pot racks by calling a professional. It can also be done yourself if you have the right tools. It is a pretty inexpensive way to make your kitchen look good, but it is also one of the most effective ways.

Undercounter Sliding Spice Racks

People who prefer spicy food would always keep different spices stacked on their shelves. If you aim to make your kitchen functional and aesthetic, consider installing some sliding spice racks under the countertop. Rotating shelves were the norm early, but homeowners now want something better.

You can install a sliding spice rack on either side of the stove or where you deem convenient. These racks are like slimmer pull-out drawers that run vertically at the height of your farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Sliding spice racks make it easier for people to pick the spices they want while cooking within seconds.

Get a Centre Kitchen Island

No matter how many countertops you have in your kitchen, things can get messy and disorganized when you plan to make a big meal. A beautiful center kitchen island makes the entire space more functional and beautiful. You can also place a few seats around the kitchen island and transform it into a small dining space.

If you’re proceeding with customization, check if placing small farmhouse kitchen cabinets just below the island top is possible. It can be used to store your essential cutlery or other items you may require. The market offers plain, simple kitchen islands and islands with prints. Choose the option that perfectly matches your kitchen décor.

Make Tall Seating Arrangements Around the Center Kitchen Island

If you already have a center kitchen island, it’s time to up the space around it. You can make your kitchen high-end by placing some beautiful-looking tall chairs around the island. Consider placing colorful chairs for a more remarkable impact. A high-top table chair or stylish stool can also be considered.

If the island has a neutral shade, try placing some chairs or stools featuring dark shades like radiant yellow, dark blue, rich green, etc. It will add character to your kitchen, making it look vibrant and inviting.

Redesign Your Kitchen Using Simple Yet Effective Hacks

Everyone wants a beautiful and attention-grabbing kitchen, but most aren’t aware of how to achieve it. If you have always wanted to transform your dull kitchen into a visual treat, the above tips can undoubtedly help you achieve the desired result.

The recommendations have been curated so you can save your research time and focus more on implementation. So whether you liked the idea of installing farmhouse kitchen cabinets or adding tall seating arrangements, get them implemented right away for visible results.