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The name Chanderi comes from a tiny town in Madhya Pradesh that produces Chanderi silk sarees. A little town called Chanderi in north-central Madhya Pradesh’s steep, barren hills since the Scindia princely dynasty, the region has been renowned for its handlooms. Silk Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh uses designs found in Chanderi temples. One of the most popular textiles that work in both the summer and the winter is Chanderi. In addition, Madhya Pradesh is renowned for both the exquisitely woven Chanderi silk and its intriguing architectural splendour.

Generations of families have been part of this art of Chanderi weaving. As a result, there is now a long tradition of knowledgeable and accomplished weavers whose work we value for its creative brilliance because a power loom cannot replicate it. One of the glittering gems of India’s textile industry, Chanderi silk is, without a doubt, one of our favourites and holds a unique place in our hearts.

Image Sources :  Faberty , India

Elegance In Wearing Chanderi Sarees

A saree is a style of clothing that is always in style. This clothing has a unique air of sophistication, which is why people throughout the nation adore it. Sarees come in a wide range of styles and colours in India.

The weavers make Chanderi cloth by weaving back and forth the tana, also known as the warp, or the stretched-out group of threads lengthwise. From the beginning of weaving until around the 1920s, they used only to weave white and off-white cloth with zari (golden yarn) in Chanderi. Even in the tana, only palm cotton thread was used, even though it was hardly sturdy enough to be held under stress. The fragile cotton yarn required the weavers to handle it with extraordinary care as they created a variety of clothing, including sarees and dupattas.

Traditionally, Chanderi silk sarees were available in various colours, including white cotton sarees. Then it further went to wide-ranging gold-embellished silk sarees, chequered silk sarees, white silver silk Chanderi, little-chequered silk Chanderi, and gold-chequered silk Chanderi. The three traditional fabrics that people frequently use nowadays to make Chanderi sarees are cotton, Chanderi silk, and classic silk. One can even look for Chanderi Fabric Online for the most recent Chanderi silk saree trends in the fashion industry.

Why Is Chanderi Silk Famous?

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Chanderi silk sarees are ideal for Indian weather. Their simplicity, lovely borders, and exquisitely crafted “pallus” all contribute to their appeal. To keep you cool in the sweltering Indian summers, these sarees feel silky against your body and are airy. One can wear them in both casual and formal situations. The Chanderi silk sarees add to your elegance and add a classic touch while giving you a pleasant experience. Chanderi Silk Fabric Price can be a bit expensive, and the velvet fabric price per meter ranges from 200 to 500 rupees.

They are only manually woven on a handloom, and often the weavers design them with gold, silver, or copper dust. A soft-hued simple Chanderi saree will always be accessible. You can distinguish the original Chanderi saree from imitations by its glossy texture and brightness. The surface of a woven Chanderi will constantly be uneven. The Chanderi stands out because of these hand-spun designs because machine-spun weaves are immediately visible with wear.

Where to Buy?

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Chanderi is currently one of the many copyrighted works in the nation. Not only the house but renowned designers, fashion houses, and Bollywood actors occasionally suggest this lovely silk saree. One such online retailer that offers all women’s clothing fabrics at reasonable prices is our shop, and you can buy them at our chanderi silk material wholesale price.


The Chanderi silk sarees became the queen of handloom weaves because they were delicate and light while also being regal and sumptuous. Whether in its light cotton form or the sharp silk notes, Chanderi instils a sense of tranquillity while also boosting your self-assurance. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Chanderi silk sarees hold a special place in every woman’s heart.