Recommended Flavors for Bagel Beginners


Try this: approach someone who’s an avowed Star Wars fan, and then confess to them that you’ve never watched a single Star Wars movie or TV showed, nor have you read a novel of the franchise either. That reaction you’ll face, with probably an extremely aghast face of dismay, might be a treasured memory for years to come.

The reaction might not be as extreme if you tell a bagel fanatic that you’ve never tried a bagel before. But what if you’re really a newbie to bagels? That means you really need to start eating a bagel at once.

Or what if you like bagels well enough, and a friend of yours confesses that they’ve never tried a bagel before? In that case, you better find a good bagel shop and introduce your buddy to the joys of bagels.

Try Bruegger’s Bagels, since every location has their standard 14 flavors to choose from. It doesn’t hurt that the Bruegger’s Bagels menu prices aren’t all that expensive, either.

But which bagel flavor should you start with? Here are some of the best flavors for bagel beginners to try:

Everything Bagel

There’s such a thing as a plain bagel, which is perhaps among the most boring thing you can eat on its own. It does have its uses, as it offers a neutral background for whatever it is you’re putting on the bagel. The plain bagel also works nicely as the bun of a sandwich.

But then there’s the Everything Bagel, which basically has everything on it. It’s an obvious exaggeration to say that “it has everything on it”, but not by much. It combines the various flavors of several of the more taste-specific bagels like salt bagels, poppyseed bagels, onion bagels, and the garlic bagels. It offers a nice wide range of textures as well.

If you have a great Everything Bagel, then all the flavors mesh perfectly. You get a rainbow of flavors on a single canvas, and it’s a work of art.

Garlic Bagel

Sure, this may not be a great menu item for a first date. Or even for a later date, as that may be your last date with your significant other. But it won’t matter if you’re both in love, or better yet, if you both love the garlic bagel. Besides, you can always brush your teeth afterwards, and then use some mouthwash to play it safe.

There are people who, for some reason, don’t like the taste of garlic. But if you (or your new-to-bagels buddy) are like most people, then you like the taste of a garlic bagel. It tastes great, it’s not boring, and the texture is nothing to sneeze at, either.

Some people really do think that there’s no such thing as too much garlic, and that especially applies on a bagel. This is one taste that won’t bore you, and it goes nicely with a coffee or soda.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Even if you don’t like raisins in general, you should really try this. Cinnamon is a fantastic flavor, and that’s even made better with some bits of raisins. For many, this is the very height among all the sweet bagel flavors. It’s absolutely perfect with some brewed coffee, black with no sugar.

If you have yourself a good cinnamon raisin bagel, then it will offer you complex flavors to savor. The subtle sweetness of the raisins simply complements the warming spice of the cinnamon that makes your mouth water.

This isn’t just for those who like sweet bagels, either. It’s sweet to be sure, but it’s not sort of vulgar sweetness that only kids love. This is the type of sweetness that adults can appreciate.

Chocolate Chip Bagel

This is the sort of bagel you want when you’re not exactly in a good mood, and you’re in the mood of some comfort food in the form of bagels. This will pick you right back up from your doom-and-gloom mentality. After this kind of bagel, everything seems better. After all, you’re living in a world with bagels in it.

True, it may seem somewhat like a childish flavor. But there’s no denying how wonderful this bagel is. This flavor has lots of fervent fans, and it’s totally understandable.

Onion Bagel

We take some time out from the sweet bagels, and come back to a more “mature” flavor. This bagel is very much as funky as the garlic bagel. Get your toothbrush ready, just in case.

The flavor in itself is quite daring and memorable, with the tiny dried flakes of onion topping the bagels offer one heck of a punch in terms of taste. There’s no subtlety to the onion taste, as it’s undeniable.

You may want to take some time considering what kind of crème (or side dish) you might want to partner with the onion bagel. The robust strength of the onion taste requires something that won’t be overwhelmed.

So, try out all these bagels, and enjoy your new life as someone who—rightfully—likes bagels!

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