How To Add Your Mt4 Indicators In 6 Easy Steps


This guide is intended for beginners who wish to install custom MT4 indicators

 if they’re starting to learn how to use the MT4 trading platform.

When I first started trading forex, I went through the same steps. It can be risky at first, but once you’ve mastered it, you can perform it with your eyes closed.

I’m pretty sure you’re in the same situation, which is why you’re here looking for instructions on how to

Put a meta trader four indicators on the mt4 chart.

How to open the custom indicator on the mt4 graph once the hand has been saved?

Well, here you will find the answers to your questions about how to put custom MT4 indicators on MT4 charts.

Let’s get started.

Forex MT4 Custom Indicators

There are 1000 free and paid custom-made MT4 forex indicators spread out around the internet.

You will probably find some of these mt4 indicators on forex websites or forums at some point in your forex trading career.

You’ll click to save it to your computer, but in what folder?

6 Easy Steps.

Option 1: Add Custom Mt4 Indicators To Mt4 Charts When Your Mt4 Trading Platform Is Already Open

  • Step 1: Put the indicator on your computer by downloading it

. You send By default when you download a custom mt4 hand, and it is saved automatically to your computer’s “Downloads” folder.

However, if a dialogue box asks where you want to save the file, save it to your desktop.

  • Step 2: Launch Mt4 and select “Open Data Folder”
  • Step 3: Click the “MQL4” folder to open it.
  • Step 4: Click “Open” next to the “Indicators” folder you sent
  • Step 5: Copy the custom MT4 indicator and paste it into the “Indicators” folder
  • Step 6: Exit the MT4 trading program and then relaunch it.

After you have saved your custom mt4 indicator in the right “indicators” folder, you need to close your MT4 trading platform that is already running and start it up again.

You Put Option 2: Steps To Install A Custom Indicator On Your Metatrader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform Right Into The “Indicators” Folder.

You don’t have to have the MT4 chart open for this one.

When you first download your mt4 trading platform, it usually creates a folder in your c: drive with the file path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\

MetaTrader – Pepperstone MQL4 Indicators

Follow the file path, locate the “forex brokers” folder on your C drive, locate the indicators folder, and save your custom mt4 indicator.

Then, open your metatrader4 chart and proceed with the final step of Option 1 to display the indication on your mt4 chart.

These are the processes and alternatives for implementing custom MT4 indicators onto MT4 charts.

Support And Resistance Indicator Qualities

The support and resistance indicator mt4 helps you with your trading every day. The indicator automatically finds levels where the price has moved in the past and shows them on the MT4 chart as rectangles.

You can figure out the price range (height) of areas of support or resistance by the distance between the level’s highs and lows. The support stories are in blue, and the resistance levels are in orange.

The Support and Resistance indicator is good because you don’t have to put it on the chart every time. On the other hand, if new highs or lows happen within the range of a specific support or resistance, that support or resistance can get higher.

Even though the indicator might use on all timeframes, it works best on 15-minute and 1-hour charts.

How Do The Support & Resistance Indicators Set Levels?

There are different ways to find the levels of support and resistance. For example, the Pivot Points indicator uses information from past candlesticks. The S&R indicator, on the other hand, shows where prices tend to hit the most.

Price action is subjective knowledge because everyone looks at it differently. So, we used an easy-to-find Fractal indicator to find price action, which is the same as price extremes.

Because the algorithm for the Fractal indicator is not affected by time, the Support and Resistance indicator can use in any timeframe.

Even though the indicator works well with all timeframes, it’s best to use it on lower timeframes so it can draw levels and show you where prices touch.

After noticing the price’s path, the indicator’s algorithm will find the levels where prices change the most and put them on the chart.